The following is taken from the Sociafist universes Wikipedia equivalent.

The Twenty Third Amendment
Section 1. Being registered as superheroes shall be given inalienable rights defined in the Superhero Treatise.
Section 2. The American Justice Squad shall be put in charge of the creation of the Superhero Treatise for the benefit of mankind.
Section 3. All copies of the Superhero Treatise will be controlled in publication by the American Justice Squad.

Proposal and Ratification
The bill was originally proposed to Congress by the three superheroes, The Capitalist, Penance and Sworder after the accidental killing of superhero AmeriMan.
To further help pass the law, superheroes in the American Justice Squad relinquished duties saying “they could no longer work illegally.” This included releasing a number of superpowered beings and the temporary retirement from all super-powered activities.
The increased crime, combatted now only by the normal law enforcement and the “freelance” superheroes, lead to over 5,000 deaths and several millions of dollars in property damage.
Congress, fearing more damage and under increased pressure from the public passed the Amendment which allowed the superheroes to regulate themselves. The law officially passed on June 14th, 1957. Within twenty four hours the reformed American Justice Squad arrested over 800 villains and 300 nonregistered superheroes.

The effects of the Superhero Treatise on the American public are very good for America and free. Nothing is wrong and the country is strong. Hooray for Capitalism.

Proposed Removal
All proposed removals of the bill have barred from occurring by the American Justice Squad based on the Superhero Treatise and that by removing the law, they would be directly hurting the American citizens. That would be a terrible thing wouldn’t it?