Hey, so I have the new page for this week sitting in my e-lap purring like a kitten so that means it goes up late tomorrow night or whenever someone bothers me to put it up early.

A few quick notes:
1: You should all check out Let’s Be Friends Again by Chris Haley and Curt Franklin. They do a pretty great print comic related comic and they are friends-again of friend of the site Adam WarRock. I have reread the comic about 4 times in a two month period so that is my fancy endorsement.
2. Work is coming along on getting Socialfist all set up so I can see about getting it published because I am greedy and no longer want to pay Remus the meager salary I pay him (I want to pay him a much better one and make money off of the comic if possible).
3. Thanks for everyone who has joined up on our Facebook page and our Socialforum and those who are following the Socialfist Twitter. If you still follow my Twitter, I apologize for that.

I think that is about all for now Socialfisters. I’m going to go continue my unhealthy diet that involves eating dinner at 10:30 pm.