Let us rap about some comics related things.

Ultimate Thor (Written By Jonathan Hickman)
I really loved Thor: The Mighty Avenger, the comic that comic nerds got all pissed off about when it got cancelled. I even ordered a copy of the first trade for myself and another for the store. Otherwise I normally don’t care about Thor.
This comes from a guy who did a 20 minute presentation on Norse mythology and the transcendence through popular culture in 9th grade. Never mind that I got a horrible grade – that was because I was mostly making it up on the spot. The point is that I love Norse myth and Thor is a pretty cool guy. It wasn’t until a customer told me to try Ultimate Thor, a 4 part miniseries, that I really liked Thor running with more of a Norse continuity. (I had sadly only read the first two and the last issues of Mighty Avenger so I probably missed out on a lot of stuff).
Currently there is the Loki series concurrently running that tells Norse mythology and it is decent but I don’t get a feel for the characters. There was another series where the art and writing was too dense for me to get into it. Ultimate Thor though is tasty fancy.
Ultimate Thor finally gives a full background to the Thor from the Ultimate Universe which is weird to me. It has been ten years-ish since the Ultimates Universe came out and I figured they’d already done it. I figured he probably just came down to do Thor stuff and be a token liberal-y character (and come on, he does come off that way more than anyone else). Ultimate Thor gives him a good backstory that makes sense with the character, that leads into the Ultimates 1 and that ultimately satisfies. There is nothing that doesn’t feel like it fits.
If you don’t care about UItimates, if you still aren’t sold, if your money is so tight you have branded the people in your town with a scrooge-like stereotype it has the following three awesome things:
1) Baron Zemo, purple hood and all.
2) Nazi Ice Giants.
3) A feeling that the backstory will actually lead to something more in the Ultimate Universe.

So I rarely say to buy something but Ultimate Thor has my full support and it deserves your cash.