For whatever reason as of writing this I don’t have Manly Guys Doing Manly Things on my recommended webcomics list. It is possibly my favorite video game/pop culture humor webcomic (not to hate on Penny Arcade) and I totally recommend that you should check it out.
The thing is that Coelasquid, the artist and writer of the comic who is a professional animator (she did work on Ugly Americans for one thing), also does some really great articles on animation, drawing and a lot of other things that are both informative and well-written. The most recent one on the Uncanny Valley got me to want to link so I am. Check the comic out and check out these articles!
The Uncanny Valley
Drawing Advice And How To Improve
The Mary Sue
And there is totally more stuff that you should check out!

Also on a totally different note about uncanny valleys that comes up whenever I hear about an article on the topic – What do you call a robot vagina? An uncanny valley! (And yes I am secretly 5 years old)