Thor is a tough character to like from afar. Sure he has the hammer and the parties but most people don’t know much about him and I’ll admit neither do I. The dialogue is heady and confusing. If they use special fonts you might as well count me out. I am not going to crack open those giant $80 Thor tomes. The Thor .1 was a good story but if I were to pick up the following issue the continuity might still confuse me. Then you might say We have a movie coming out, we can learn about him then. The problem is a good deal of the movie going public might not be interested. He isn’t American, he has a weird costume and most people didn’t grow up with his comics or cartoons. The younger kids get him in the Avengers stuff but the movie looks pretty heady so it won’t be the Thor for kids.
I got into Thor though thanks to a series the Internet tried to save that was cancelled because people don’t like Thor. They wont often risk a new Thor series unless they like him. I got into Thor with Thor: The Mighty Avenger though and so can you!
Thor does away with the heady text, the backstory and reboots Thor down to a guy with a hammer. We get to relate with him since he isn’t sure what happened to him but you actually want him to find out unlike the normal somewhat amnesia- beriddled protagonist. (Secretly though, Thor is the amnesiac clone of Sephiroth. Spoilers!)
The art in Thor is wonderful though. Chris Samnee conveys emotion in such a minimalistic style that you can just laugh at the deadpanned overly detailed art of most major comics. The colors are also brilliant with some rainbow-esqe color scheme that avoids the classic eye-burning early Marvel comics style (early on there were a lot of really bright colors).
In his journeys Thor fights enemies, gets the girl and tries to figure out what happened all while meeting up with Marvel greats. We don’t get a perfect conclusion though. The series got cancelled by it’s eighth issue due to low sales. Luckily the comic got collected in the new mini book format with each of the two books costing about $15 or so and they include some old Thor comic reprints as well.
I gave the book to a friend who didn’t read comics while we waited for a movie to start and in the end he said he’d probably hunt down his own copy as well.

If you are in the states and don’t have a local comic shop here is the Amazon links. Book 1 / Book 2