Hollywood is invading the comic racks for better or worse and luckily they are, like always, branching out into the third parties like Oni Press, Image and more for new shows and movies. The good and the bad though is when companies/producers don’t know what to expand into. Sure another Batman series of films might be nice but we may be burnt out after the third Nolan film no matter how good it is and since they are proposing a reboot – I am disturbed. So this week I present 3 print comic series that should be adapted in tv shows or films.

Orc Stain – Orc Stain is one of my favorite series out right now that started back up last week (you can pick up all the prior back issues in the first trade). For those who never read my earlier rants about the comic Orc Stain is a comic about a fantasy realm with tons of orc tribes fighting one another. In the meantime an orc tzar has begun rounding up all one eyed orcs and the main hero happens to be an orc named One Eye who has a penchant for safe cracking (to him though, everything is a safe and the cracking part means “breaking in half”).
The series so far excels at chaotic battle scenes, fun gore and violence and vibrant colors. It it were to be adapted into a series by anyone, it would have to be 1. in the future when the series has more to it and 2. adapted by Augenblick Studios or Titmouse Inc, both teams who have worked on Superjail!).
It would probably run better on a network like HBO where there would be less censorship since there is a lot of dick chopping, sex and basically stuff that most late night channels would even take issue with and even then it would only be a cult show but the fans would love it.

Knight and Squire – Sure, Knight and Squire is a DC comic but it is a very British comic. Knight is essentially Tony Stark as the son of Batman. He’s had rough spots but now he fights crime in a mechanical armored suit along with Squire, a girl with the ability to communicate incredibly well. In the mini-series by Paul Cornell the series essentially made a Morrison-boner inducing continuity addition of hundreds of new characters in England.
The show would have to be done by the BBC because it is a very British series and without a doubt American studios would not be able to do it right. Do it low budget, campy to a point with that inescapable factor that makes British television so entertaining.

Fear Agent – Rick Remender’s series Fear Agent about an intergalactic exterminator has the makings of a big film. A gruff space man, an attractive female side kick and lots and lots of killing without all that confusing science.
In a future where Earth has been destroyed, Texan Heath Huston is the last Fear Agent, a group of intergalactic Earth exterminators. After weathering so much Heath stopped giving a damn about rules and regulations and finds shooting and killing his liver are the last bits of solace.
It is fun, action packed and darkly humorous and would make a great film.

I originally had 2 more for the list but I forgot to write them down, it is Wednesday and I totally mind blanked on this.