The new quarter for college started a few weeks ago and is doing a good job keeping me busy and satisfied. Also very paranoid which is always fun except that I hate it. When 95% of the time life is going well, that other 5% is horrible. It is like getting ice water dumped on you after you leave a hot tub. The sheer contrast is awakening, staggering and horrifying.
That is why there was no Monday article.

I am also planning this concert in Pittsburgh if you happen to be in the area. 4 nerdy rappers performing the day after Free Comic Book Day. It promises to be a very good show. Blackwolf is a very good friend and Ghoulish is also a quality dude.

No word yet on the page for today from Remus though when I get word about it, you will get it too.

Also if you need a new time eater, I suggest Spiral Knights. I’ve been playing it for the past few nights. It does a good job of making a good Gauntlet/Diablo dungeon crawler where being a greedy bastard doesn’t hurt (everyone in the party shares EXP and money, materials (aka crafting items) are evenly split as well. It is a good time eater especially if you don’t donate. The game runs on a daily point system, 10 pts for each floor you visit and then you can pay to resurrect yourself if you die (though that doubles each time) but friendly resurrections are free minus health costs.
If you do try it out, I am on as Koltreg and if we started a Socialfist guild I would not be opposed to it. Heck, if we get enough people I’ll front the money.
That’s all for now Internet. You may resume posting comics about creepy old men.