So I am going to say that Socialfist is over for an indefinite period.

Since I’ve been in college for the past two years, I’ve been unable to make decent money and Remus unfortunately was never able to get a solid amount of money per page. Remus and I talked it out and he needs to make more money and as such will not be able to do Socialfist for now or any time in the near future.

So what does this mean for you?

I’d spent the past five years working on this series with various versions and collaborators. It taught me how to write comics, it got me to read comics and it was filled with a bunch of life lessons in the background.

For now, I am not going to work on Socialfist. Part of it came from losing half of the scripts I had written for the series when I lost my harddrive. I want some time off now from the series.

Changeling will meanwhile continue. The return of the series or any new series will depend on me finding work or a partner to produce the comic.

For the blog here, I am not going to promise anything since there is a new project in the works that the content will probably go to.

For those of you who supported us on Kickstarter, you will obviously still get your books and prizes so don’t worry about that and the books are in progress. This said, we wont be producing a second wave of books.

Thanks for your support over time and sorry about this,

Luke “Koltreg” Herr