I am horrible at introducing characters with names and that sort of thing. Thus you have this handy guide. For now.

Zendorsky (Sin Swords?)Zendorsky K.
28 Years Old, Sort Of
“The Victim”
Former censorship “artist” at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. An accident seems to have left him with marker hands and some super abilities. Then he got captured and is just wanting to know what is going on.

Yuri 23
30 Years Old
“The Leader”
A genetically made super man who is assigned to lead the Russian super hero team.

Baboshko, Russian For Something
Baboshko R.
38 Years Old
“The Bodyguard”
A former bodyguard with a taste for the finer things in life. A taste spoiled by bad luck.

Adelichka, The Quiet Blue Haired One
20 Something Years Old
“So and So”
The result of a communist psy-ops program that failed. She failed. She has problems.

Tina, Wife of Zendorsky
Tina K.
28 Years Old When Last Seen
“The Wife”
American wife of Zendorsky who met as part of student exchange program.

Sarah, Daughter of Zendorsky
Sarah K.
5 Years Old When Last Seen
“The Daughter”
Daughter of Zendorsky and Tina.