Way back about 4 years ago now I started the Koltreg Nerding Review Blog or whatever I called it back then. Originally I used it to talk about gaming and then quickly switched over to webcomics. It netted me some friends, I think 2 enemies and a lot of writing experience.
Sadly since beginning the Socialfist website I’ve been neglecting it so as part of this weeks 2 part Koltreg On Comics I present

Raising Webcomic Awareness: Comics You Might Not Read That You Should Try

I’ve been sitting with a list of webcomics I’ve started reading for a few months now and I just never got the guts/balls/gulls/bats (oh god, I cracked the code) to do a straight up review but they deserve your attention.

Girls With Slingshots – Part of one of the webcomic circles I travel in, Girls With Slingshots is a comedic story about two friends and their romantic lives that is told in mostly comedic, sometimes dark (but with reason) way. The characters are well fleshed out and while I hate to compare it this way, Girls With Slingshots is what newspaper comic soaps would be if the writers were actually funny and were writing characters who made sense. Considering there is a talking cactus, that is saying something. Check It Out!

Kid With Experience – A journal comic by Jess Fink of the webcomic Chester 5000 (very NSFW), We Can Fix It (which I realized I still have not gotten in the mail even though I ordered it months ago) and the Mindless Self Indulgence comic which is pretty great even if you don’t listen to the band. Kid With Experience separates itself from a lot of other journal comics by being able to tell compressed storytelling. I still sort of shudder when I remember some of the month long arcs of journal comics that took place in 4 hours or so. The comic is clearly told, weirdly funny, excellently drawn and highly enjoyable. Check it out!

The Loneliest Astronauts – A sort of never-ending Twilight Zone story about two stranded astronauts doing their best not to die… of boredom (okay, that is a horrible line. Read it like I wrote it like a bad movie promo). Steve and Dan are two astronauts stranded alone on a planet doing there best not to kill each other. The art is highly detailed, the dialogue is some of the favorite I’ve read (and I still read about 40 webcomics) and Adam WarRock did a theme song (and actually that song got me to read the comic). Check it out!

Awesome Hospital – Internet Batmantologist Chris Sims and friends present Awesome Hospital, a medical center where everything is spectacular. In a sort of self aware campiness that is kept in more restraints due to co-writers (Sims can get a bit too EXTREME with his work, for example the half vampire private detective skateboard champion Solomon Stone), Awesome Hospital is sort of like Community if it were set in Scrubs and was cranked up on the insanity meter. The comic is relatively new but worth picking up. It tells the sort of decompressed storytelling that I aim for with Socialfist and it works well especially with a few chapters under it’s belt. Check it out!

Let’s Be Friends Again! – A comedic comic about comics by comic fans. Check it out!
(due to legal obligations I am unable to describe the absolute awesomeness that LBFA! is)