I’ll be posting again later this week to talk about comics since I have actually been enjoying a lot of stuff but for whatever reason have not been writing about it.
This week though I want to talk about War Rocket Ajax, the first podcast that I was not involved in, that is not an actual radio show, that I really really enjoy. ( I mention the qualifiers since I used to do a podcast and since I still love This American Life and the concert series that NPR.
War Rocket Ajax is a podcast created by friend of mine Eugene Ahn aka Adam WarRock and Chris Sims of http://www.comicsalliance.com/ and The ISB. Recently due to touring though, Eugene has been replaced with Matt Wilson of several really good comedy sites including The Content Farm and his former site The ISS.
WRA focuses on comics, mostly print and the comics culture and it has some really fun interviews with comic creators and is generally a podcast where people talk about comics they like. I think in the episodes I have listened to, there has only been one or two comics they really don’t like and even then they try not to focus on the hate. Though that said, Chris Sims does have a segment where he talks about his personal haters.
All three of the hosts enjoy comics that are fun comics to read which is something that I can totally get behind. It has more than anything helped me to find starting points to read comics. It got me to read the end of Morrison’s Batman and Robin arc (which I had not been reading). Now as I go backwards in the archives (I finished episode 40 at this point) I have pulled at least 20 back issues to read off the shelves and I have enjoyed them all. Thank you for that Matt, Euge and Chris.
The hosts all subscribe to the idea that there is some art and fascination to storytelling. They have a love for the absurd and they all have this strong sense of wonder which after dealing with people who want blood and gore comics, it is something I can enjoy. I love listening to a show where if they poke fun at something or laugh about something, they laugh at what the comic itself is. It isn’t “Oh this is so shitty, lets make fun of it.” It is more of “this is so insane that it is hilarious.”
It is really fun show and the most recent episode with the Let’s Be Friends Again creators (Hairy Lasagna) is a good starting point. In it they announced a team up with Adam WarRock but the discussion before that was so incredibly hilarious that I actually fell over laughing. I am also scared since there is a mythologically hyped episode with Curt and Chris of Let’s Be Friends Again called Bag of Salt that I have yet to get to but I fear I may die of laughing when I get there based on the hype.
So yeah, check it out. Rap fun, a bit of wrestling here and there (but in a way that it sounds fun for people who don’t like wrestling) and generally just great stuff.
Check it out, donate and give them some love.
Probably Wednesday I will have an article about comics (by which I mean Tuesday (by which I mean probably tomorrow)).