It was another slow week for comics, finals were also involved so today I have my last minute gifts (of the comic variety)!

For the teen aged giftee – Runaways
Runaways is one of those series I bought abandoning all of my rules for purchasing comics and it was totally worth it. Its the story of a group of kids of supervillains who decide to leave home and try and do good. The writing is great and it hits a lot of relatable themes for teenagers.
I’d suggest getting the giant Hardcover volumes since purchasing the single trades is confusing as they don’t mention what series each of the comics is from and Runaways has had three series so far. Plus the hardcover contains the first major arc.

For the rebel giftee – Watchmen or Transmetropolitan
Chances are most people have already read/seen Watchmen (though the book is much better, much more detail).
The next semi logical step is Transmetropolitan, the cyber-punk-y series by Warren Ellis. The books are hilarious, scary (in the “Oh shit this is almost our future way) and moving. The series itself tells the tale of Spider Jerusalem, a new reporter and Gonzo-homage as he explores the city of the future. It discusses religion, politics and everything else.

For the slightly goth giftee – The Sandman
Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is a classic horror series (of the subconscious kind) that is accessible if you don’t mind the art. Dark, poetic and beautiful the series tells the tale of Dream of the Endless, the eternal beings who are…. eternal. It is as striking and poignant today as it was when written.

For the traditional gamer giftee – Orc Stain
It is a comic about orcs with blood and tits and all the other good stuff. For the average traditional gamer it is a good start there already. The series has only recently started (this year) but it is moving in a good direction.

For just about anyone else in high school or older - Fables
The series is an easily accessible tale of the legends and folk figures being driven into the real world and working on living their lives. The characters are human, the stories are moving and it doesn’t restrict to any real genre. There is some nudity and gore in the series as a warning but nothing more than in an R rated film. This isn’t Grimm Fairy Tales.

Best of the Christmas season or whatever you celebrate. If there is no new comic on Wednesday, there will be guest art and if there is a new comic, WOOO! See you Friday either way.