I just got back from Steel City Con (I met Adam West) and had a decent enough time. I did here some convention lore so if you commonly go to cons, be aware!
The savviest of toy and comic collectors know that there are a plethora of hidden gems at comic conventions. Women selling their ex’s collections with no price knowledge, drug addicts look to pass off old Jimmy Olsen comics as fast as possible. The actual Mj√∂lnir.
Of course though are also the mega finds, those deals that only come up once a decade, if that often. If you can find one of these mega deals, you only option is to take it immediately so be on the lookout since after I reveal these mega deals, everyone else will want them as well.

1. A Palette of Baron Zemos – The Marvel Legends Baron Zemo is not a popular toy. For one thing, it is Baron Zemo and for another thing, you get the head of Mojo. Considering there is also a variant maskless Baron Zemo (the Nazi who had his face disfigured) does not help. If you want a mega deal, go to every stall and ask if they have a PBZ (palette of Baron Zemos). The average going price for a palette is $200 but if you have an entire variant palette you can get it for $150. Don’t haggle on the price.
Additional Note: Make sure that the comic is intact otherwise the toy has no value.

2. The Pants-less Dark Knight Returns – Currently held by Mort of My Favorite Mortian comics, the Pants-less Dark Knight Returns is a comic that was created when Frank Miller, on a bet, took a copy of the Dark Knight and added in a ridiculous pair of heart boxers on every character. This book was then lost in the mail when a postal employee presumably took the book and Mort ended up buying it. He is willing to part with it though if you can guess his middle name (one guess per con, $50 a guess – it isn’t Vermouth).
Additional Note: There is also a shirtless The Dark Knight Returns where giant comedic nipples are drawn on everyone. This is currently owned by Whoopi Goldberg for unknown reasons.

3. The Hardcase Omnibus – From the short lived Malibu Comics came Hardcase who nobody knows or remembers. Even more forgotten, even to the internet is the Hardcase Omnibus, a book that officially never saw print. The book printed only a test run of 50 but all of the books mysteriously vanished in the great Hardcase Robbery. Then a week later Malibu Comics collapsed making the book infinitely hard to find and thus worth millions. The great thing is that since nobody likes Hardcase, the books when sold by unaware retailers usually goes for $20 (half off the cover price).
Additional Note: Every page is a foil page.

4. Batroc Daredevil Bust Variant – Batroc the Leaper is not only one of the best Marvel characters, but he is also lucky enough to have a bust. The Batroc bust isn’t rare considering most comic fans don’t care for The Leaper but there is secretly a set of 10 Batroc figures that were mispainted as other superheroes. 2 were destroyed, 7 have been officially collected but the missing figure is the Daredevil variant that is still hidden in one box rumored to be sold out to Iowa.
Additional Note: If you do find it and don’t register it, you are kind of dumb.

5. Double Stan – Legend has it that if you can find Stan Lee and a Stan Lee impersonator and have them touch, you will not only get a comic published immediately but you will get the only 5 copies of it that will ever be printed. They say the comic is removed from the library of your psyche and that if anyone there than you reads it, they will never look at you again. Additionally if it is not kept on ice within an hour after you receive it, the gypsy curse will cause all of your loved ones to leave you forever.
Additional Note: There are collectors of these books but they will try and screw you on the price. The amount to sell these for is $5 each.

6. Also Marvel Legends Moon Knight is tough to find at cons, at least for me. Just saying.