Koltreg on Comics was about 500 times more difficult than it should have been to write wherein, I somehow confused myself and though I was supposed to write on my past in comics. Hell no!
This week since I missed last Wednesday I’ll discuss three comics I am enjoying.

The Infinity Gauntlet -
The Infinity Gauntlet saga was one of those cataclysmic and world shattering events that Marvel loves to do where Thanos killed basically tries and destroys all of the universe and then Adam Warlock stops him but not before there is death and chaos. (For the rap inspired version of this story see Adam WarRock’s The War For Infinity.)
In the new Infinity Gauntlet in the Marvel Adventures (aimed towards younger readers) there are intergalactic truckers, space pirates and some honestly fun writing. The series is penned by Brian Clevinger of Atomic Robo and 8-bit Theatre fame and has been one of my guilty pleasures. While it is aimed towards kids it only means that death isn’t dwelled upon and Dr Doom makes sandwiches.

Orc Stain -
On the other side of the comics galaxy is Orc Stain. The series is penned by James Stokoe of Won Ton (which I recently got) and is the tale of a fantasy world filled with orcs. Dicks are valued above all else and … no literally the currency is made of dicks.
The hero of the story is One-Eye, a one eyed with an amazing skill for picking locks and breaking into things. His skills are needed to fulfill a prophecy for the Orc Tzar to take over and unite everyone so the paths cross and it is wonderful.
The series is ridiculously detailed with giant army scenes being swarmed with independent goblins and everything is colored with melted rainbow sherbet. A collection is supposedly coming out in December (the series has been slightly delayed) but buy it if you can.

Strange Tales 2 -
Strange Tales, as opposed to the original Marvel series introducing classic heroes like Doctor Strange and Brother Voodoo (RIP) serves as a hosting ground once more for the independent comics people. This includes mainstays Tony Millionaire and new artists like Kate Beaton and James Stokoe.
The mileage really depends on each story and some of them don’t do anything for me but when it hits, it hits hard.
The first collection of Strange Tales is also currently available in paperback.