Every once in a while I sit down on my really crappy couch and play some Gamecube, not because I am retro but that is just the best console I have. I never really got games that often when it was new, mostly because at the time they were damn expensive. Since I have money now and the games are “dirt ass cheap though” I’ve been playing some of the games I missed.
I don’t remember if I mentioned X-men Legends on here or not but that was the last game I played. It was buggy, it was tough, I yelled at it a lot (HOW DID THE HEALTH POWERUP GO THROUGH THE WALL?!?!?) but ultimately it was a solid enough game. I liked that each character was introduced slowly and you got to try every member in the team because the game introduced you to them. It let you get accustomed to playing them which was important for me. I beat it but due to work and my anger over missing two items and the unsatisfying conclusion (really I beat Magneto THAT easily?) and a confusing boss, I had no desire to return, especially as there was no way to return to previous missions.
I picked up X-men Legends 2 on Cyber Monday for $5 and finally got it in the mail and had time to play it today. After 30 minutes I turned off the console without any debate and with a large amount of disappointment. First off there was no instruction or general understanding of what was going on (and this comes from the guy who wrote a chapter with no talking). You just seem to team up with the Brotherhood for some reason and there are no questions asked. I understand that Apocalypse is a bad guy but my disbelief was so unsuspended that I got fed up.
In the first game when you got to play as Professor X (as the Astral Gladiator in the Astral Plane) it made sense that he was already really strong and more leveled up than your other characters. You only got him in small doses and those doses made sense as well. In X-men Legends 2 you get Magneto and the Juggernaut for the first mission – and you have to level them up. Magneto this makes sense, he has powers that need practice and they can improve yet. Juggernaut though has the damn gem of Cytorak, a magical device that gives him all of his powers! How can you train magic abilities that are given.
My biggest grievance is that you start off with a full roster of not just Xmen but Brotherhood members as well. Give me some damn levels as just the Xmen to get used to them again, show Apocalypse doing evil and then lead to the teamup. Doing the reverse side after that with the Brotherhood so you learn both sides at the same time. Then when it is combined it is totally badass, you know everyone and the teamup makes more sense.
I don’t know though, maybe they did it for a reason I’m not getting. If I got to restart with all of the characters that would be awesome. I think you do in number 2 but seriously, starting off with a roster that large is just crap. Maybe when finals are all done I’ll give it a shot but for now…. ugh.