steel city spectographers we don't have a ghost of a chance of failing you

We here at Steel City Spectographers are a collection of highly skilled paranormal investigators. While the field is highly circumspect by non believers, we should our trust that you will enjoy our service because we offer free inital consultations and we have 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have over 20 years in the industry and are here to make you believe.

We are fully accredited by the International Paranormal Investigation Association and hold Buyers Choice Awards for best spiritual service for the past 12 years from The Bucholz Town Shopper and are members of the International Order Of The Cyan Cloth For more information on us, visit the Information page.

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Recent News:

October 31st:
-From The Management
Happy Halloween! We will be filming a pilot for the SyFy channel over in Steubenville for our new TV show. Feel free to stop by and see the magic happen. We will be at Steubenville Correctional Facility which can be found here.

October 27th:
-From The Management
Around the building we are preparing for the annual holiday call in for October 30th, traditionally out biggest day for rush work. You'd be surprised how many spirits start acting up before Halloween.

October 25th:
-From The Management
Thanks for making our 20th anniversary another great one. From everyone at the office we want to thank you with a special deal for 20% of all exterminations for the next month if you mention the keyword "anniversary." Here is to another 20 years!